Continuity and Change: A Festschrift in Honor of Irving Greenberg’s 75th Birthday, Steven T. Katz and Steven Bayme

This collection of essays by renowned leaders and thinkers in the Jewish world pays tribute to Rabbi Greenberg, acknowledging him as one of the major figures in the American Jewish community in the past forty years. As a community leader, a scholar, and a theologian, he has influenced not only the practical direction of Jewish life but the shape of contemporary Jewish thought through his writings on the Holocaust, the State of Israel, and traditional Jewish themes.

For the Sake of Heaven and Earth: The New Encounter Between Judaism and Christianity

Interfaith dialogue and thought has long been a focus of Rabbi Greenberg’s work. This volume collects his essays on the subject written over the course of four decades. He concentrates on ways in which the relationship between Judaism and Christianity has been affected by the magnetism of modern culture, the impact of the Holocaust, and the rebirth of the State of Israel. Organized in chronological order, these essays reflect the evolution of Greenberg’s perspective over time.


Part I, Chapter 1: “On the Road to a New Encounter Between Judaism and Christianity: A Personal Journey”
Part II, Chapter 7: “Covenantal Pluralism”

Living in the Image of God: Jewish Teachings to Perfect the World: Conversations with Rabbi Irving Greenberg as Conducted by Shalom Freedman

A series of interviews between Rabbi Greenberg and Shalom Freedman,an American-Israeli writer, thinker, poet, and public intellectual, this book is a very personal account, addressing Greenberg’s views on issues ranging from the Holocaust to Israel, tikkun olam, and the role of women in Orthodox Jewish life. Here, Greenberg shares his life experiences and discusses the concepts—such as creation, tzelem elokim, and covenant—central to his thinking and teaching over two decades.


Chapter 2: “On the Human Created in God’s Image”
Chapter 11: “Israel and the Jewish and Human Future”

The Jewish Way: Living the Holidays

Rabbi Greenberg uncovers the patterns of the Jewish holidays, patterns that demonstrate Judaism’s underlying structures of meaning. Understanding the deeper meanings and traditions of the holidays adds a greater depth to understanding Jewish life and history and, in the author’s words, “help(s) release the creative imagination for religious living present in every person.”


First sixty-five pages: Preface; Table of Contents; A Word to the Reader; Part 1, “The Vision and the Way”; Chapter 1, “The Holidays as the Jewish Way”; Chapter 2, “Judaism as an Exodus Religion: Passover”

Theodore Roosevelt & Labor 1900-1918 (Harvard Dissertations in American History and Political Science)

In 1960, seven years after his rabbinic ordination, Rabbi Greenberg received a Ph.D. in American History from Harvard University. This is his dissertation.

Confronting The Holocaust: The Impact of Elie Wiesel, Irving Greenberg and Alvin Rosenfeld, editors

This edited volume includes essays from several Holocaust scholars who examine Wiesel’s work from different perspectives, including explorations into his literary, historical, religious, and spiritual contributions.