Rabbi Greenberg’s lectures – specifically the audio lectures – are the heart of this website and the most robust section. When this website was originally conceived, it was intended to be solely audio lectures, the objective being to collect and make available as many of his lectures as possible so that his teachings can be more widely disseminated. As you can see, we have augmented the audio lectures (which can be streamed or downloaded) with small selections of video lectures as well as texts of lectures and we expanded the site to include selections of writing and background materials.

A word on the audio lectures and our process. We have been hampered by the passage of time and the fact that when most of these lectures were recorded, little thought was given to long-term preservation. We collected as many cassette tapes as we could, relying on both Rabbi Greenberg and organizations he has run. The tapes were then digitized and reviewed. Many were unusable. We have endeavored to post only those lectures that have good enough sound quality to be clear. However, many are not professional quality tapes and while many have been further edited to enhance the sound, we were limited by the quality of the originals. Unfortunately, we do not have information as to the dates or venues for most of these lectures. We have included that information when it is available.

If you know of additional lectures, whether audio, video, or text, please let us know by e-mailing us (see the Contact page). We would like to keep posting material and see this as an evolving website.