“On Becoming Human: In the Image of God”

1:09 Judaism seeks to increase life in this world as an antidote to death. By bringing life into the world and creating environments that recognize the sacredness of life, God becomes manifest. Though our partnership in creating life, we realize the uniqueness and divine spark within all life, and create a world that nurtures the image of God. The creation of life in Jewish tradition is accomplished classically through the commandment “to be fruitful and multiply” as well as through “rebirth rituals” such as ritual immersion, washing hands, and observance of Shabbat.
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“Jewish Midrash on Life”

Rabbi Greenberg identifies a pattern of creation as Judaism’s most important contribution to the world. He then contrasts Judaism’s teachings on creation with other theories of origins.

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“The Kaddish”

Rabbi Greenberg discusses the history and religious significance of the Kaddish prayer.

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“Responses to the Holocaust”

Throughout history, Judaism has responded to tragedy. But the great tragedy in all of Jewish history is the Holocaust. What could possibly constitute a response to the Holocaust? How can Jews respond adequately? Rabbi Greenberg provocatively suggests that we should expect unprecedented innovative responses. The fundamental existence of the Jewish people is at stake.

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“The Holocaust and Pluralism”

Rabbi Greenberg explains the impact of the Holocaust on his theology. He movingly describes his shift from being an Orthodox traditionalist to a pluralist who embraces all Jews.
At approximately 1:05, the speaker changes from Rabbi Greenberg to a Holocaust survivor

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“Judaism: The Covenant”

CLAL education lectures, 1990
from the series Turning Points in Jewish History: Living the Covenant

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“Judaism’s Vision of the Covenant: The Triumph of Life”

An exploration of the Jewish view of the covenant and how it manifests in our lives. Rabbi Greenberg contends that the covenant is the most important message Judaism brings to the world

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“Human Nature: Covenant/Conscience”

Human perfection is both the beginning of the world and the goal of humankind.

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“The Holocaust and the Rebirth of Israel” and “A New Era of Jewish History”

CLAL educational lectures, 1990
from the series Turning Points in Jewish History: Living the Covenant

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“Third Era of Jewish History”

We are now living in the third era of Jewish history, according to Rabbi Greenberg, who says this is the most extraordinary period of Jewish history.

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